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Home » Blake Anderson Hanley: Why did Emily Wickersham and Ex-Husband Divorce?

Blake Anderson Hanley: Why did Emily Wickersham and Ex-Husband Divorce?

Emily Wickersham and Ex-Husband, Blake Anderson Divorce

If you’re into reading biographies of celebrity couples, you probably don’t miss out on their relationship status.

Besides being Emily Wickersham’s husband, Blake Anderson is the leader of his personal band called Ghost Lion.

Know the real reason behind the separation of Emily and her former husband, Blake Hanley.

Blake Anderson Hanley was Emily Wickersham’s husband from 2010-2018.

Emily and Blake’s relationship was started by rumors going around town, but later on, these rumors became a reality as the two officially stated that they were now an item. But how they began and started meeting each other remains a mystery for us all.

Eventually, after years of dating and courting each other, they celebrated their marriage back on November 23rd, 2010. Their marriage was private, with only their family members and close friends as attendees of the wedding ceremony, held in the hometown of Blake in Little Palm Island, Florida. Brought by the joy and excitement of their wedding party, Blake and Emily officiated another one-of-a-kind party with their friends and family in a private resort to celebrate their marriage once again.

Blake Anderson Hanley with his Ex-wife, Emily Wickersham
Blake Anderson Hanley with his Ex-wife, Emily Wickersham

Eight years into the marriage, they haven’t thought of having their first child yet. Since they were married, the couple remained outside the public’s radar, and no information has been provided except that they live in Los Angeles, California.

Emily Wickersham and her ex-husband divorce

Celebrity marriages are said to be cursed as they don’t seem to last. This seemed true to Hanley and Wichersham as well. But unlike most separations, it wasn’t caused by extramarital affairs; rather, some disturbances in their life are said to have caused this. However, there is no viable and reliable proof of what could be the ACTUAL reason for their divorce.

The aftermath of the divorce is something that we are always curious about. Fortunately, we’re here to give you the scoop of Blake and Emily’s post-divorce life.

After the divorce, Blake Hanley has kept a low profile on every aspect of his life; sports, routines, current relationships, and even his career as a musician. He also kept his present love life a mystery to the public, so we won’t know for sure if he’s already moved on and got back into the bachelor field.

As for Emily’s post-divorce life, she took a break until her now-husband, actor James Badge Dale, announced that she will have their first baby boy this coming holidays!

Who is Blake Anderson Hanley? 

We don’t know much about Blake Hanley, other than being the husband of NCIS actor Emily Wickersham. They’ve been married for eight years, starting from 2010 to 2018 but eventually got a divorce due to personal reasons they did not open to the public.

So, who exactly is Blake Anderson Hanley? To give you a background, his birthday is still undisclosed to this day, but we know that he was born in Palm Beach, Florida. Little do we know about Blake Hanley’s personal life and early childhood days, but what we have for you is that his father, Daniel Hanley, is a famous football star in Australia who played in the VFL. When Blake was still a child, his father knew that he had a future in the arts and music industry due to Blake’s habit of listening to music and singing songs. Ever since then, he has supported Blake’s career and every decision he has made in life.

So far, Blake Hanley’s living his life under the radar from celebrity news writers and paparazzi. Even his educational history has not been disclosed, but we know that he did finish his studies before pursuing a career in the music industry.

Blake Anderson Hanley, Ex-husband of NCIS cast, Emily Wickersham
Blake Anderson Hanley, Ex-husband of NCIS cast, Emily Wickersham

Blake Anderson Hanley Career

Amidst his clamor for privacy, sources have disclosed what he did in his earlier days as a musician. Blake dived into the music industry on August 1st of 2016 with a fellow guitar player, Enrique Lara. At the same time, he set up Kin Cayo, a tropical punk/pop-indie band. Later in his career, they expanded with two additional members; Chris Kapica on keyboards and Mike Torres as the band’s bass guitarist; eventually, Kin Cayo was changed into Ghost Lion.

Since November 2016, they’ve released their debut named Dim Echo, which later on was succeeded by three single songs – “Broken Glass,” “Way Up,” and “Wolves” – which was well-received by their fans. The lyrics and message of the music are somewhat unique and exciting; it begins with a dark tone and transitions into a lighter one, talking about love and friendship while still having that vibrant, positive, and warm beachy vibe.

A year after their hit singles, the band released another single named “Shot the Sun Down” with a message that talks about freedom, determination, and beliefs, all the while using a catchy and rhyming melody to send the message more effectively. The success of their previous album was followed by yet another one, this time in a single album, called “Ballad of St. Panama,” which contains four singles they’ve composed and created for their fans.

What is Blake Anderson Hanley Doing now? 

Blake was passionate about music and arts, represented by the chemistry he’s built with his band, the songs they’ve released, and how much effort and time were put into each piece. You wouldn’t think that Blake would change his path, and surprisingly, he did.

Currently, Blake Hanley is making sure that he is living the best out of his single life after the divorce from his former wife, Emily. Blake returned to his hometown in Palm Beach, Florida, currently working as a domestic violence lawyer. He has kept himself busy by helping people in his area with the Legal Aid Society.

Now, the truth has been set free for Emily Wickersham. After leaving NCIS and having the divorce with Blake Hanley, she is now a soon-to-be mother of a beautiful baby boy, with husband and actor James Badge Dale. According to her husband, she is currently in her third trimester period, just in time to celebrate the holidays with a beautiful and precious gift.

Emily Wickersham with her current husband, James Badge Dale
Emily Wickersham with her current husband, James Badge Dale

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