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David McCallum’s Net Worth, Age, Death Rumors. Leaving N.C.I.S.?

David McCallum's net worth, age, Death Rumors

David McCallum ad Donald Mallard on NCIS.

Like Mark Hamon’s portrayal of his character Leeroy Jibbs in the C.B.S. series, N.C.I.S., David McCallum‘s portrayal of his character Dr. Donald’ Ducky’ Mallard (2003 – Present) is on par with the level of acting and popularity with Mark Hamon’s Leeroy Jibbs. Some would argue that David McCallum’s drama for his character came close to his most memorable acting stint in ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” as Illya Kuryakin, with regards to popularity.

Let disclose his net worth and age through this article. Is he dead or just a rumor? Find out.

Net Worth & Age

On September 19, 1933 (88 years old), David McCallum was born in his home country Glasglow, Scotland, UK. He first took an interest in being a musician when he was still in his early childhood. During World War II, David McCallum was forced to enlist in the army, to which he was promoted with the title of Lieutenant 12 years later after the war.

Image of David McCallum in his Youngage
David McCallum

After the war, he continued his life, but this time, working his way into the entertainment industry as an assistant and a couple of minor roles in British films and epics. He got his first breakthrough through his role as Illya Kuryakin in the spy-fiction series ‘The Man from UNCLE” in 1964.

With his known roles in the past as well as in the present, David McCallum has achieved an estimated net worth of $15,000,000.00. This is only just and right as David puts his heart and effort into every character he’s been through.

Movies and TV Shows.

We already said it, but David McCallum is best known for his character portrayal as Illya Kuryakin in the hit tv series ‘The Man from UNCLE” back in 1964. Years later, his popularity grew in the genre of spy-fiction films and series that landed him roles in feature-length films like ‘To Trap a Spy‘ (1964) and ‘The Spy with My Face‘ (1965), as well as the 1983 T.V. movie, ‘Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E.’

He became a British icon and a familiar face in the entertainment industry. The growing popularity he gained gave him more acting roles on T.V. shows such as Colditz (1972–74), ‘Kidnapped’ (1978), and ‘Sapphire & Steel’ (1979–82) until his recent breakthrough point as Dr. Donal’ Ducky’ Mallard in the popular police drama N.C.I.S. (2003 – Present)

Death Rumors

There had been rumors and speculations that the famed actor was reported dead last year, but alas, it was just a hoax spread by people who go by fake celebrity death reports.

The rumors started when a Facebook page named ‘R.I.P. David McCallum’ attracted a million likes in a week. People began to pay their respects and send their condolences to his family, and soon, the rumor spread into Twitter like wildfire.

A lot of his fans were sad, but some were not buying the post. They’ve probably experienced a similar incident with their favorite celebrities before, which made them immune and skeptical of future hoax posts such as this. It was also suspicious as no news about David McCallum’s death was featured in extensive news networks and shows being a famed an iconic celebrity himself.

So, it’s our pleasure and utmost joy that David McCallum is still alive and well up to this day. The hoax did its thing; it angered many fans and possibly incited stress and anxiety to most people because of the fake death post.

Is David McCallum Leaving N.C.I.S.?

Unfortunately, David has decided to leave the N.C.I.S. after 16 years as Dr. Donald ‘Ducky’ Mallard. At the start of Season 15, David announced that he is retiring after Season 16 of N.C.I.S. “I am ecstatic to say that C.B.S and I have reached an agreement to stay as Dr. Donald ‘Ducky’ Mallard until Season 16 of N.C.I.S. This is because I want to spend time with my wife, and my children,” captioned in one of his photos.

David McCallum Leaving NCIS
David McCallum on NCIS

HOWEVER, Ducky’s retirement will be semi-permanent as he is still staying in the show but not as the Dr. Ducky Mallard that you know, but instead as the new N.C.I.S. historian. This role will surely be on a limited capacity in the series to pay respect to David’s time with his family and ensure the fans still see their favorite N.C.I.S. doctor on screen.

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