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Home » Is Noah Mills married to someone? His Net Worth, Age, Wiki.

Is Noah Mills married to someone? His Net Worth, Age, Wiki.

Noah Mills love life, Networth

From a psychology student to a model, Noah Mills‘ journey as one of the most prominent talents in fashion and acting is to look up to. Want to know why? Well, keep reading this article, and you’ll find out. Also, know if he is married to his wife. What is his net worth in 2021?

Noah Mills as NCIS Hawai’i cast Jesse Boone.

Noah Mills is a famous fashion and model icon in the industry. However, little did we know, he also dabbled in television and films as an actor. In 2021, Noah portrayed Special Agent Jesse Boone in the hit police-crime investigative series NCIS: Hawaii. His character, Jesse Boone, has spent countless years as a police officer and many more in terms of the ‘interrogation’ of criminals in the show.

Noah MIlls as Jesse Boone on NCIS

Noah Mills plays the role of Jesse Boone on NCIS

Has Noah Hills Married Someone? or dating a girlfriend?

With the fame and popularity of Noah Mills, many people have tried to snoop for his personal information, especially his relationship status.

As of 2021, Jesse Boone from NCIS is happily single and focused on his modeling and acting career. Noah had one relationship in his earlier life but comes with privacy; therefore, we don’t exactly know who Noah dated in the past.

Moreover, Noah was never engaged nor married to someone yet.

Net Worth

Noah Mills’ success in different industries guarantees him a handful of his net worth in a year. As of 2021, Noah Mill’s net worth has accumulated to an amount of $1,000,000.00. We expect this to balloon even further as he stars in popular and highly rated TV shows in the region.

Noah Mills Age and Early life

Now, let’s talk about Noah Mill’s rise to stardom. On April 26, 1983 (36 years old), Noah was born in Toronto, Canada, and was later raised in Maryland by his parents, years after his birth. He has two brothers and sisters, making him the youngest of his siblings. Unfortunately, information about Noah’s parents remains unknown to the public.

While being raised in Maryland, Noah took off to Canada and Australia to attend his boarding schools. After studying in Canada, he planned to continue his studies in college, picking a psychology degree at the University of Vancouver. However, what happened next is what entirely changed Noah’s life and future.

Wiki and Career

The start of Noah’s modeling career arose from a talent agent who spotted him and asked him if he was interested in modeling. Come 2003, he was ready to work, and his first agency was Wilhelmina Models. A year later, he was picked by respective agents to be a runway model for top fashion companies such as Gucci & Yves Saint Laurent in Paris.

Noah did not stop there. In 2005, he signed another contract with multiple agencies such as Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, and Michel Kors. Only the top and the best faces and models can be with those companies and Noah? Well, we could all guess he’s got the charm, looks, and aura of the next generation of top models in the industry.

Noah Mills plays on differents movies and TV shows

Noah Mills

Noah continued his fashion momentum. This time, Noah Mills participated in multiple campaigns of top fashion brands such as Lacoste & Dolce Gabbana, alongside famous models such as Naomi Campbell, Tyson Ballou, and Claudia Schiffer.

In 2010, he started his debut in television and films. He first acted in Sex and the City 2; he appeared in numerous television shows such as 2 Broke Girls, The Brave, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier; and lastly, Noah recently joined the cast of NCIS: Hawaii as Special Agent Jesse Boone.

As for Noah’s accolades and milestones, he is not short of them. Blessed with looks and charm, Noah grabs the third seat in The Money Guys by He even made an appearance in Taylor Swift’s music video We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. But one of Noah’s most significant milestones is being a runway model with popular agencies such as Dolce & Gabbana, Lacoste, Gucci, and Michael Kors.


Noah Mills’ consistent appearance in several television shows and fashion campaigns makes him one of the most recognizable and recruited talents in both industries. Noah has combined his talent and charismatic aura to create a successful career on and off-screen.

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