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Jason Alan Carvell Wife, Bio, Age, Wiki

Facts about Jason Alan Carvell Wife, Bio, Age, Wiki

There is little to no information about Jason Carvell; try searching him on Wikipedia, and nothing comes out. However, we have gathered pieces of information to give you a gist of his life. So, scroll till the end to know Jason’s wife and his birthday.

Jason Alan Carvell Age

When talking about his age, we assume that Carvell is in his mid-40s to early 50s. There is no exact information about this, however. But judging from his facial features, the rising star is around that age.

Jason Alan Carvell Wiki

The name Jason Carvell has not infiltrated the online world yet. Most sources have not yet uncovered the majority of his personal information, including his birth date, birth name, birthplace, and even his parents. But this rising star’s name appears on certified websites such as IMDB if you want to look at his career in acting and film.

Jason Allan on NCIS New Orleans
Jason Allan on NCIS: New Orleans

Jason Alan Carvell Bio

His education, on the other hand, we have information on. He studied and practiced his acting and theatrical skills at Carnegie Mellon School of Drama. Later on, Carvell took a Master’s of Fine Arts in Russia’s Moscow Art Theater School. Whether or not he engaged immediately in acting or the entertainment industry immediately after his masters and education remains a mystery to all of us.

In 2003, Carvell made his debut in Spot: The Professional. Despite his lack of public information in the media, he is pretty well known in the industry for portraying his characters loved by the audience. He is popularly known to represent his characters in NCIS: N.O, Ancient Skies, Africa’s Deadliest, and more.

Carvell is not only an actor but also a successful entrepreneur and a former teacher. In 2010, he founded Limehouse Belt & Brace Company. In his company, he is a designer of leather products such as belts, shoes, anything leather. Furthermore, Carvell was a school professor for a short period, teaching at Touro College. As to what subjects he taught, the information has still not been disclosed.

Biography of Jason Allan Carvell
Jason Allan

Back to his acting career, believe it or not, he had a significant and lengthy gap from his career as an actor. He most probably focused on his business in the time being and less time on-screen. He then resurfaced in 2011 to restart his acting career and has been on consistent appearance in television shows, including NCIS: N.O. Surprisingly, he won the Top Indie Film Award in 2017, indicating that he may also be a producer.

Jason Alan Carvell Wife

Carvell has kept most of his private details to himself; birth information, relationship status, familial bonds, etc. However, even without any information given, Carvell is married to his wife as they have a daughter named Hattie.

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