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Joe Spano Net Worth, Weight Loss, Wife, Wiki

Facts about Joe Spano, networth, wife and wiki

For decades, Joe Spano has been an iconic personality in Hollywood. Growing up, he initially wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps, a physician. Joe intended to enroll in a pre-med major during his college years, but his path did not turn the way he imagined. His dream of becoming a physician dissipated as he fell in love with the world of acting.

He pursued what he thought could make his heart happy. Lucky for him, he succeeded in the path he chose. Like any start-up experience, Joe, too, underwent the eye-of-the-needle to achieve what he desires to become. His success backstories are a living testimony of how dreams become a reality with the right amount of hardwork and passion.

What is the reason behind his weight loss? How much does Joe worth in 2021? Know here.

Wiki: Age and Early life

The distinguishable veteran actor was born in San Francisco, California, USA, on July 7, 1946, to his beloved parents, Vincent Dante and Virginia Jean. This makes him 75 years of age in 2021.

Spano went above and beyond to let everything fall according to what he desired. After the actor graduated from the University of California-Berkeley, Joe made his debut in 1967 during his college production, Romeo and Juliet. This victory marked the beginning of his career. Spano then worked for ten years in Berkeley Repertory Theatre, and after his years of service, he decided to step up by advancing to Hollywood in 1970.

During his first dive into the film world, he appeared with guest roles and minor roles. He continuously showed his acting prowess on sets and eventually got significant roles in television and films.

Weight Loss

However, during his latest appearance on NCIS, the actor is making the rounds due to his supposed health issues and weight loss. He looked much thinner lately, which brought speculations to various social media platforms. In the eyes of many, Joe seemed unhealthy. Most of his fans speculate that he is currently suffering from potential illness like cancer.

This uncertainty, however, hasn’t yet been confirmed by the actor’s management. Also, the story behind his weight loss has no precise information yet as to how many pounds he lost. Despite this issue, Joe can still be seen in various shows sporting various roles.

Joe Spano as T.C. Fornell in NCIS.

One of his most notable characters is when he appeared as Special Agent Tobias C. Fornell in the American series NCIS in 2003 in its opening episode, Yankee White. His character’s primary responsibility is working with the Major Case Response Team in NCIS. S.A. Fornell is also the ex-lover of Diane Sterling.

As a special agent, T.C. Fornell is quite serious when it comes to his job. His keen pertinacity to discover the truth behind crime cases made him known as someone with a formidable personality, yet his character still showed his soft side. Tobias is mainly seen having close ties with his colleague, Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, with whom he used to share his life through thick and thin. The duo has the same story on their individual romantic relationships, which brought them even closer.

Joe Spano and Leroy Jethro Gibbs in NCIS
Joe Spano and Leroy Jethro Gibbs

The actor’s character loves to keep those people close to his heart and protect them by all means. After a few seasons, S.A. Fornell is no longer part of the FBI as he became a private investigator in 2017.

Joe Spano as T.C. Fornell may not be part of the regular cast in the show NCIS, but he has entered the CBS series for too long enough. However, some rumors state that the actor will now bid goodbye to the show. This issue has been addressed by the executive producer Steven D. Binder in a Twitter post, saying that Joe Spano will be back soon to play his beloved character T.C. Fornell in NCIS season 19. If you are one Fornell fan, you may still catch him at the premiere on CBS.

Other movies and tv shows, Career

Apart from his appearances in NCIS, the actor is also best known for various shows, including the Hill Street Blues, where he portrayed the fictional character of Henry Goldblume for six years of the series since 1981. When the show came to a close, Spano became part of the show NYPD Blue in 2003 and played a detective role in Murder One.

Aside from this, Spano also appeared in various television and movies series, such as Mercy Point, Amazing Grace, and The X-Files. Spano became a guest actor in some episodes of the show Midnight Caller. Fortunately, he earned an Emmy Award for Best Guest Actor during his appearance in the said show. His other featured films include Primal Fear, with Edward Norton and Apollo 13, where he also worked with great actor Tom Hanks.

While having all these appearances on-screen, he was also given a chance to appear on stage. Some of his on-stage projects included The Devil’s Disciple, Speed-the-Plow, and Waiting for Godot. Aside from this, he also guest-starred in the television movie Brotherhood of Justice and Touched by an Angel (1999).

In 2001, Joe Spano became one of the casts of Providence as Dr. Carroll. Years after, he then appeared as one of the stars in the T.V. series Shark in 2008, portraying the character of Paul Faber.

Joe Spano on NCIS
Joe Spano as T.C. Fornell in NCIS

Spano knows no rest after two years, and this celebrated actor became part of the T.V. series In Plain Sight as Gabe Andrews or Gabe Marion. In 2012, he also became one of the casts in 1 episode of the show The Mentalist, Crossing Jordan as Captain Innis in 2006, and Dragnet as Bill Kutler (2004). And currently, he appears as T.C. Fornell in the long-running T.V. series NCIS from 2003 until 2021.

Net Worth

With all his successful television appearances and movies credits, Joe Spano unquestionably earned a vast fortune from his projects. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the 75-year-old star has a net worth of about 6 million dollars, making him one of the big shot celebrities in the entertainment field.

The famous actor still prefers to live a simple life throughout his long years of service in the film industry.

Joe Spano Wife/Girlfriend

Away from his life in the spotlight, the celebrated actor is a husband to his wife, Joan Zerrien, who is a therapist by profession. The couple exchanged their sweetest marital vows in 1980. Their relationship has been further blessed as they welcomed together their two adopted daughters, Meili Qing Spano and Liana Clare Xiaohe Spano.

Joe Spano with his wife and daughters
Joe Spano with his wife, Joan Zerrien, and daughters, Meili Qing Spano and Liana Clare Xiaohe Spano

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