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Home » Linda Hunt Net Worth, Height, Age. Wife Karen Kline, Kids.

Linda Hunt Net Worth, Height, Age. Wife Karen Kline, Kids.

Linda Hunt Net Worth, Height, Age

Linda Hunt has come a long way from her early childhood to her successful career in the present as a voice actress and an on-stage actress. Now, let’s look at the long list of successes Linda has accumulated over her lifetime as an actress.

Also, let’s explore more about Linda and her net worth, height, and age. He is married to his wife, Karen Kline.

Linda Hunt as NCIS: LA cast Hetty Lange.

If you’re familiar with a small yet motherly figure in the police-crime drama TV series NCIS, then you’re probably thinking of Hetty Lange. Linda Hunt portrays Hetty Lange in NCIS. She is the operations manager, which takes care of her agent’s types of equipment such as vehicles, cameras, technical equipment, and more. Hetty Lange has been with her excellent crew ever since 2009, staying loyal for a total of 12 Seasons on the show. She is regarded as the wisdom giver, with her fans and audiences always seeking guidance from her.

Linda Hunt as Hetty Lange on NCIS

Linda Hunt as Hetty Lange on NCIS

Wife Karen Kline

Linda Hunt has had a successful career so far in her lifetime, but that’s not possible without the support of her long-time girlfriend, a retired therapist, and now wife, Karen Kline.

Details about Karen Kline are limited because the couple maintains a private life under the radar of paparazzi and celebrity news reporters. But don’t fret, as we have the essential details about Karen’s background that you would appreciate.

Karen Kline was born in the United States on April 26, 1944, specifically in Davis County, Utah. Karen was raised by her parents Viva Honor Rominger & Orville Ronald, in their hometown of Utah. Unfortunately, further details of her parent’s vocation, status, and history are unavailable as of this moment.

Linda and her partner Karen have been living together for almost 33 years, starting in 1987. They officially united together back in 2008 and were as strong as ever before, physically, mentally, and emotionally. They currently live together in Hollywood inside their comfy bungalow with their three cute little dogs.

Karen’s a retired therapist who is usually shadowed by her current wife, Linda Hunt, due to Hunt’s popularity throughout her career as an actress and voice actor. However, from Karen’s job as a therapist, she has accumulated a good amount of value during her time but chose to keep the amount private.

Linda Hunt with her Girlfriend Karen Kline

Linda Hunt with her Girlfriend, Karen Kline

Interestingly, although they had a very long and robust relationship, sources don’t have the exact details on when, where, and how they met way back in 1987. All we know now is that for a 33-year long relationship to work, Linda and Karen are meant to be together.

Their Kids

The couple does not have any kids yet nor has any plans to assume parental responsibilities. However, they do have three cute little dogs.

Linda Hunt Net worth.

The current net worth of Linda Hunt has amounted to a total of $12,000,000.00. After a long and successful career, it’s only fitting that Linda has worked hard to get to the amount of money she is worth right now.


Academy awards winner, Linda was born on April 2, 1945. She is currently 76 years of age.

Height and measurements

What you should also know about Linda Hunt is that she was diagnosed with hypopituitary dwarfism, causing her petite height. Regardless, here are Linda’s body and vital statistics.

Age: 76 years old

Height: 4’9 (1.45 m)

Weight: 65 kgs (143 lbs)

Movies and Tv shows

Throughout Linda Hunt’s 40-year experience as an actress and voice actor, it’s only fitting that we take tribute to what she has accomplished in those years in her career.

Even with her unique condition, Linda never let it prevent her from achieving her passion for acting. She started training in the entertainment industry when she was just a high school student. Hunt enlisted in the popular and famous school for the arts, Interlochen Arts Academy, where the co-NCIS star Barrett Foa also enrolled during his secondary education.

Before she went into film and television, Linda had already shone brightly during her broadway and theatrical plays. She made her first debut in a Broadway play in 1975 called Ah, Wilderness, then she continued to play in End of the World in 1984, Top Girls, and A Metamorphosis in Miniature.

Linda Hunt had her first movie debut in the 1980s, in the comedy film adaptation of ‘Popeye,’ but before Popeye, she had two roles where she was credited as an actor; these films were Great Performances and Fame back in 1982. However, Linda gained recognition and popularity by acting in a romantic drama movie called The Year of Living Dangerously, which won her multiple awards from known ceremonies such as the Golden Globes and Oscars. With her remarkable performance, no producer or director would have missed what Linda Hunt was capable of as an actress.

After that, her stardom blossomed into a broader reach in the entertainment industry. Linda kept getting role after role in films such as Dune, She-Devil, Kindergarten Cop, and If Looks Could Kill.

But her longest career yet was with NCIS, where she played Hetty Lange, the Operations Manager of the NCIS LA special agents. She was regarded as the mother from whom audiences look to take wisdom. In these 12 seasons with NCIS, Hunt received two Teen Choice Awards from Nickelodeon for her portrayal as Lange in NCIS.

Is Linda Hunt leaving NCIS LA?

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever; that includes Linda Hunt leaving NCIS and her character, Hetty Lange. It was heartbreaking for fans that their favorite and beloved Hetty Lange left the show after 12 Seasons. Hunt’s disappearance from the show was all too sudden.

Linda Hunt leaving NCIS LA

Linda Hunt

Linda has not been seen in a couple of episodes in NCIS in 2021, making the fans question since she should be seen as she was the team’s operations manager. Even after the COVID-19 situation, which prevented Linda from shooting with the crew, she was still not seen in the show.

Succeedingly, what the fans feared the worst came to reality. The Pioneer Woman, Killbride, portrayed by Gerald McRaney, officially stated that Linda Hunt would not be returning to the show. This has been heartbreaking for the fans as a lot more sudden twists happened later in the show, including the death of Dr. Palmer’s wife and Maria Bello’s goodbye from the front. The worst part? Linda did not say goodbye to her fans and the show.


What else can we say about Linda Hunt? She’s successful, happy, and comfortable in life after having a plethora of broadway plays, films, and television shows in her career. She has left a legacy in the entertainment industry, and this goes to show that if you have passion and talent, regardless of your condition, you can make it to the big stages.

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