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Lucas Black Wife Maggie O’Brien and Kids

Lucas Black Wife Maggie O'Brien and Kids

The 38-year-old Lucas Black is a well-reputed American film and TV actor. He made various successful appearances on-screen, making his name rise to fame. Lucas is best recognized for playing the role of Caleb Temple in the short-lived CBS television series American Gothic in late 1995-1998.

In the following year, he also appeared in the show Crazy in Alabama, portraying the character of Peter Joseph’ Peejoe’ Bullis. Apart from his on-screen appearances, Lucas is also a voice actor in Our Friend, Martin. In 2000, he became part of the American show The Miracle Worker, portraying the role of James Keller. The actor is also part of NCIS: New Orleans from 2014 until the present, portraying the character of Special Agent Christopher Lasalle.

Starting at the age of 11, Lucas has landed in numerous movie roles, including Flash, All the Pretty Horses, Seven Days in Utopia, Our Friend, Martin, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, and Night Lights. More so, he became part of the show Promise Land, playing the role of Paul Geary and Luke Chisholm in the Seven Days in Utopia.

Lucas Black has won multiple awards and recognition for his enormous contribution to the industry with all these successful shows. Given this, he has been rolling in wealth for many years now.

But among all the monetary perks and accolades he received from the industry, Lucas still treasures the one that is beyond price – his wife. He is happily married to his wife, Maggie O’Brien. Learn about their love life and their kids through this article.

Lucas is married to his wife, Maggie O’Brien.

The American actor always believed in the sanctity of love and faithfulness. True to his morals, he always had his eyes on his one and only wife, Maggie O’Brien, a lawyer by profession. Today, both of them are working successfully in their different fields of passion.

The duo met while filming his movie, Killer Diller in Missouri, way back in 2006. Like any other couple, their relationship started as friends and then turned into lovers. After many years on the dating stage, the love birds finally exchanged their marriage vows in front of the altar last July 03, 2010.

Lucas Black with his wife Maggie O'Brien
Lucas Black with his wife, Maggie O’Brien

For the 13 years of their marriage as of 2021, their relationship has not been tainted with marital issues. Lucas and his wife always value the essence of compassion, faithfulness, and humility. Given this, the couple has been blessed with a long-term and stronger marital bond.

Maggie O’Brien Wiki-Bio.

Lucas’ wife, Maggie, an experienced lawyer, has also been known in the spotlight as the wife of Lucas Black. According to her inactive LinkedIn account, Maggie is working at Prudential Financials. Apart from her life in the institution she belongs to, she handles various contracts, including all the papers of her husband, Lucas. Additionally, Maggie mustered a vast fortune, which is approximately $1.1 Million and growing.

Amidst her demanding schedule, Maggie still prioritizes her long-time boyfriend and now husband. According to her, Lucas Black, along with their children, is the best blessing she has received in her life. Years into marriage, they have been blessed with three healthy children – two daughters and one son.


Sophie Jo Black is the eldest daughter of Lucas and Maggie. She was born in the year 2011, making her ten years of age as of 2021. Sophie became known in public as a celebrity kid of the TV and movie actor Lucas Black. Growing up, she was with her youngest sibling Augusta “Gus” York.

Apart from Sophie, Lucas and Maggie welcomed two other children. However, due to their young age and Black’s request to separate his personal life from work, the couple had not released further information about their children. But this does not prevent the couple from sharing various captured moments with family on their different social media platforms.

NCIS cast, Lucas Black with his wife, Maggie O'Brien and children
Lucas Black with his wife, Maggie O’Brien, and children

Despite the tight schedule of their different career pathways, they still allot time to spend moments with their beloved children. Lucas has been proud to share how lovely his kids are with the public. He shared various pictures with his son and daughters on his different social media accounts. In one of Lucas’ Instagram posts, he captioned:

“I love my Wife! And I love our three mighty warriors! Thank you, Lord, for blessing me beyond measure!”

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