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Home » Michael Weatherly Net Worth, Age, Height. Why did he Leave NCIS?

Michael Weatherly Net Worth, Age, Height. Why did he Leave NCIS?

Michael Weatherly Net Worth, Age, Height

Michael Weatherly as Anthony DiNozzo on NCIS.

Michael Weatherly is an actor, director, and producer who is best known for his portrayal of Anthony DiNozzo on the police television drama series NCIS.

But before his most notable role, Michael started his first role during an episode of television drama series, The Cosby Show, in 1991 and appeared in a similar drama series, The City, during 1992 and 1996. The year after, he was part of the cast of the television movie ‘Asteroid‘ and the flick ‘Meet Wally Sparks.’

The same year in 1997, he got roles that guest-starred in an episode of ‘Spy Game.’ The actor also played significant roles in multiple TV series like ‘Significant Others‘ and ‘Jesse‘ the following year. Three years later, he starred in multiple dramas like ‘Charmed,’ ‘The Crow,’ ‘Gun Shy,’ ‘The Specials,’ ‘Dark Angel, and multiple television programs like Major Crimes, Whose Line is it Anyway?, and Hollywood Game Night.

He then got his two most memorable roles in his acting career, the first being as Anthony DiNozzo in NCIS in 2003 and was picked as the lead cast in the movie Bull as Dr. Bull back in 2016.

Why did Michael Weatherly Leave NCIS?

Actors and actresses experience burnout daily due to the demand for their shows from them. They give their all for their projects, sometimes too much that may cause burnout in the end.

Unfortunately, the exhaustion and weariness got the best of Michael Weatherly in NCIS as Anthony DiNozzo. Michael said,

“I was already burnt out by NCIS so I decided it’s time to open my doors to new challenges and change“. He added, “It felt full circle on how I did my acting in NCIS. Nevertheless, I’m happy with what I’ve done with my character Antony DiNozzo in the show and he left with a blast.”

Michael Weatherly as Anthony DiNozzo on NCIS.
Michael Weatherly as Anthony DiNozzo on NCIS

It was time for Michael Weatherly to leave his role in NCIS and make way for other things in his life like taking a break or going into a new cinema or TV opportunity. He did justice for Anthony DiNozzo, and fans wouldn’t forget about it anytime soon.

Net Worth

Michael Weatherly has a net worth of $45,000,000.00 while earning $10,000,00.00 per year. This was the fruit of his hard work in his multiple roles in his acting career, more prominently in NCIS as Anthony DiNozzo and Dr. Bull in his movie Bull.

Age and Early Life

Michael Weatherly was born as his real name Michael Manning Weatherly, Jr. in New York, USA, on July 8, 1968 (Age 53). His parents are Patricia O’Hara and Michael Manning Weatherly, Sr. His mother was a hospital administrator, whereas his father did a business about importing swiss army knives that eventually made their family a million-dollar family. Initially born in New York, Michael and his brother, Will, were raised in Fairfield, Connecticut, and attended their preschool at Fairfield Country Day School and Brooks School.

Fifty-three years old actor focused on his studies from preschool to college. He first attended Fairfield Country Day School with his brother, Will, and later transferred to Brooks School in Massachusetts, where he graduated in the year 1986. He attended several colleges after that, mainly Boston University, Menlo College, and American University, which he then stopped when he took the chance of pursuing his acting career.

His Love life and Relationship

When we talk about his romantic relationship, he dated several women for seven years, from 1994 to 2001. His first romantic relationship was with Amelia Heinle, his co-actress in the TV series Loving and The City. They got married in 1995 February and had a son named August Manning, but unfortunately, they divorced in November 1997.

Soon after, he dated several models and actresses like Rachel Hunter (1999-2000), Jessica Alba (2000 – 2003), and Vanessa Marra (2001).

MIchael Weatherly with his wife and kids
Michael Weatherly with his wife, Bojana Jakovic, and kids

It seems that Michael wasn’t lucky in the field of love. That is until 2007, where he met Bojana Jakovic, a Serbian writer. It was a fast relationship; 2 years later of their first day and they got married in September 2009 and have stayed married ever since. They are blessed with two children, Olivia, and Liam Weatherly. It seems Michael finally found what he was looking for in Bojana Jakovic.


If you’re curious about Michael Weatherly’s vital statistics, we listed them down for you below:

Age: 53 years of age as of 2021

Height: 6 ft & 1.5 inches (1.87 meters)

Weight: 82kg (181 lbs)

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Eye Color: Green

Build: Athletic

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