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NCIS Cast 2022: Coming and Going

NCIS cast

From its première in 2003 until today, CBS’s NCIS has been a chart-topper on the subject of the police procedurals series, not to mention a TV show as a whole. The well-received series is now on its 19th season and has already produced several spinoffs. With its success in rankings, the show is still one of the most-watched and longest airing for a series of its genre and has featured many veterans and new actors and actresses.  Read this to know NCIS cast and crew

After nearly two decades on-screen, these casts have already established friendship as they share great memories while on and off-set. For those asking who are those excellent individuals that make NCIS a hit, we have the answers here. 

Now, let’s get to know them.


Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon portrayed the character of Leroy Jethro Gibbs in NCIS, who is an ex-U.S. Marine Corps Scout Sniper became a special agent who leads the NCIS team. 

Mark Harmon was not the person Donald P. Bellisario, creator of the series, had in mind for the character of Leroy Gibbs. However, he eventually had a second thought when he saw Harmon’s performance on NBC’s political TV series West Wing as Agent Simon Donovan.

He then cast Harmon on the 2003 JAG spin-off as a guest role and introduced his character, Leroy Jethro Gibbs. 

NCIS cast, Mark Harmon

Then in September 2003, NCIS debuted on the big-screen with Mark Harmon playing the lead role of Gibbs.

This portrayal has gotten him numerous nominations and bagged two awards, namely Male Performance in a Drama Series awards at the 2013 Prism Awards and Favorite Crime Drama TV Actor category at the 2017 People’s Choice Awards. 

And after 18 years of being the commander of the team in the NCIS, Mark Harmon has exited the police procedural drama.

Harmon was set to depart the series during its 18th season, though made terms to appear as a recurring role on its season 19 to ensure the show’s renewal. And during the 4th episode of season 19, Leroy Jethro Gibbs had permanently laid off from the NCIS and chose to stay in Alaska, where he attained peace.

David McCallum

David Keith McCallum Jr., more commonly known as David McCallum, played the role of Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard, who worked as the official medical examiner for the NCIS team of Leroy Gibbs before retiring, then became the NCIS historian. Agent Gibbs and Dr.Ducky have collaborated for so many cases and several years, then became friends. 

When McCallum learned his role from the series, he started studying pathology classes and even signed-in in autopsies sessions to avouch that his portrayal as a chief medical examiner was accurate, feasible, and convincing when reflected on the screen.

The creator of the series revealed that due to McCallum’s fair knowledge and know-how in the medical subject, he considered making the veteran actor the series’ consultant. 

NCIS cast, NCIS cast

McCallum can still be seen on the show, though he agreed to retain his role but limit his appearances starting 2017. Then in March 2019, his character, Dr.Ducky, retired as the NCIS coroner and accepted the offer of Agent Gibbs to work as the NCIS historian. 

McCallum lives to be a vital actor of the show, regardless of having little screen time. Also, it seems as though he is not exiting from the series or his beloved character at the moment.

NCIS Cast Sean Murray

Sean Harland Murray acts as Agent Timothy McGee, who works in cybersecurity and computer crime in the NCIS series. His portrayal of the role and the fact that he’s been on the show for roughly 20 years made him a worthy celebrity. 

Timothy “Tim” McGee debuted on the show as a case agent and then took over the field agent position. He managed a team of best agents, accompanied by Agent Gibbs and Dr.Ducky, to respond and investigate crime cases with Marines and Navy.

After Anthony DiNozzo resigned from NCIS, McGee assumed the responsibility as the Senior Field Agent. 

NCIS cast, Sean Murray

He was cast in the series created by his stepfather, Donald P. Bellisario. Murray’s character was supposed to appear in only one episode during its first season since McGee was only written as a one-shot persona.

However, everything seemed to fit the puzzle during his cameo appearance, and there was chemistry between Murray and McGee. Now, Murray has become one of the cores on the series for his character as Agent Timothy McGee.

Pauley Perrette

Abigail “Abby” Sciuto, played by Pauley Perrette, is among the most remarkable leads in the NCIS. Abby was once a forensic scientist at the NCIS, specializing in DNA analysis, hacking, and ballistics. 

Abby is recognized for her gothic look and obsession with a high-caffeine drink. She aided in solving most of the NCIS team cases and even wooed Agent Timothy McGee at the start.

She departed the NCIS to bring Reeves’ body to London and establish a foundation as a homage to Reeves and his mother to serve the downs-and-outs. 

NCIS cast, Pauley Parette

Perrette was on the series from its debut in 2003 until 2008. Regarding her character, Don Bellisario stated that he liked to create a persona that stands apart from mainstream fashion with tattoos.

And present her as a person who is content, carefree and accomplished. The entire scenario stated that she was intelligent and a woman with green eyes and black hair. 

In October 2017, Perrette declared that she would be leaving the series after its 15th season, and her last appearance aired in May 2018. The underlying cause of her departure was a complex story and appeared as a surprise to her supporters.

She claimed multiple fits of abuse and frequent clashes with Mark Harmon resulted in her withdrawal from the show.

Brian Dietzen

Brian Dietzen joined the show in 2004 and portrayed the supporting character of Dr. Jimmy Palmer. Dr. Palmer is the assistant of Dr. Ducky and often helped him uncover relevant information for criminal cases via autopsies. He usually appears cowed by Agent Gibbs, particularly when he begins his odd lengthy commentaries of something not asked. 

Dietzen appeared on the series after the first medical assistant of Dr.Ducky, Gerald Jackson (Pancho Demmings), resigned from the post. 

NCIS cast, Brian Dietzan

His role was meant to be a cameo appearance; however, Dietzen made some courageous decisions that impressed the producers of the show and decided to keep him for a recurring role. Then during its 10th season, he eventually became a show’s regular cast.

And in its 15th season, NCIS Cast Dietzen became one of the lead casts when his character, Dr. Palmer, was promoted when Dr. Ducky resigned as the Chief Medical Examiner for NCIS, and Palmer assumed the position. It appears that he has yielded results within the post and has become a staple to the NCIS team.

Rocky Carroll

Rocky Carroll has become famous and admired due to his role as Director Leon Vance in the NCIS series. He was cast during Season 5 in a recurring role as the Assistant Director of the NCIS. Then, following the original Director’s death, Jenny Shepard (Lauren Holly), he took over the position, and Rocky became one of the show’s main cast. 

Leon Vance was a Black Ops Agent first, then quickly advancing his ranks in the NCIS for dealing with a tough operation. As Director Vance, Carrol also had a cameo appearance in the NCIS spin-offs, New Orleans and Los Angeles. 

NCIS cast, Rocky Carroll

Carrol was very blessed as he never predicted to stay on the police procedural this far. He even remembered how his audition progressed – that it was more of Mark Harmon stating good things about him as an actor. 

Because Carroll portrays a persona that primarily commands the NCIS team and from time to time provides command in-camera, it’s not surprising that the production crews on set have given him an appropriate title, the series’ Director Director.

Michael Weatherly

Michael Weatherly first appeared in 2003 as Senior NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, working as a senior field agent of MCRT (Major Case Response Team) supervised by Agent Gibbs. MCRT team solves serious crimes concerning the military organization, usually handling local law enforcement officers. 

NCIS cast Agent DiNozzo was stationed in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Peoria police departments. He is described as an approachable, funny, charming former basketball player and common seducer. And his appeal allows him to do undercover operations and handle intra-agency disputes. 

NCIS cast, Micheal Weatherly

Donald Bellisario, the creator of the series, revealed that he chose Weatherly because of how he acted on The Natalie Wood Story as Robert Wagner.

Weatherly was at first hesitant to join NCIS, but he changed his mind when Bellisario talked to him and persuaded him. The actor added that the producer’s character, detailing, and charisma convinced him to take the role. 

And in season 13, DiNozzo left the NCIS permanently to look after his daughter, and agent McGee took over his position as the Senior Field Agent.

NCIS Cast Cote de Pablo

María José de Pablo Fernández, or a.k.a Cote de Pablo, is a Chilean-American actress. She was cast on NCIS series in 2005 as Ziva David, an Israeli Mossad officer turned NCIS agent. 

Ziva David was initially presented to the NCIS series as Ari Haswari’s Mossad control officer and half-sister. She was set forth to replace Kate Todd (Sasha Alexander), whom Ari had shot during the finale of season two.

However, due to some circumstances, Ziva had to kill Ari. Following Ari’s end, she requested to be appointed as a liaison for Mossad and succeeded the late Agent Todd for good. 

NCIS cast, Cote De Pablo

After the departure of Sasha Alexander, the production needed another female lead, but a foreign one who would convey a brand new approach – someone like de Pablo. However, the actress had a different path during their first offer. But due to her previous project “The Mambo Kings” being canceled after a brief rehearsal, de Pablo opted to try the audition for the role of Ziva David. She acted alongside Michael Weatherly to see their chemistry, and it went well. 

In season 11, Ziva resigned from NCIS and returned to Israel. Then in the last episode of season 13, she was declared dead after her place was attacked, but she luckily survived and sought revenge during seasons 16 and 17.

Emily Wickersham

Emily Kaiser Wickersham played the role of NCIS Special Agent Eleanor Bishop. She first appeared in 2013 in a recurring role as an NSA Analyst with expertise in foreign threat evaluation and global preparation during NCIS season 11. Her character was promoted as an NCIS Special Agent, and Wickersham became a lead cast. 

The series encountered another hurdle when Cote de Pablo chose to leave NCIS in 2013. Manuscripts must be revised, and a new persona emerged— Agent Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop. Writer and producer, Gary Glasberg, assessed numerous actresses for the coveted character, and NCIS cast Emily Wickersham was the chosen one as she did a tremendous act with Mark Harmon. 

NCIS cast, Emily Wickersham

Following Ziva’s exit at the start of Season 11, Agent Gibbs hesitantly started the quest to look for Ziva’s replacement. On the 9th episode of the season, Agent Gibbs and DiNozzo met the NSA analyst Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop. They brought her to NCIS to help in the case, formally appointing the vacant position vacated by Ziva David. And in May 2021, at the end episode of season 18, Bishop left NCIS permanently to work on a secret mission as a demoted agent.

Wilmer Valderrama

Wilmer Valderrama is an American actor and singer who acted the character of Agent Nick Torres in the NCIS series. Valderrama was cast during the series 14th season shortly after Agent DiNozzo’s exit at the season 13 finale episode. 

Agent Torres is a member of the NCIS Major Case Response Team MCRT under Agent Gibbs. He also had a fling with Agent Ellie Bishop until the end of season 18. 

NCIS cast, Wilmer Valderrama

Agent Tores worked as NCIS undercover agent; however, when his mission was leaked, and he learned that his sister might be in danger, he rushed back to Washington in a dire effort to prevent it. He begged Agent Gibbs to help him, and the case was closed successfully. Then Gibbs appointed Torres to become a fixed member of the unit, together with Agent Quinn. 

Valderrama’s part in the crime drama is very distinct from his other roles throughout his career. His character in NCIS is continually characterized by extreme fighting and brutality. Showrunner, Gary Glasberg, stated the character would enable Valderrama to show off his skills as an actor.

Maria Bello

Maria Elena Bello is an American actress and writer who played the character of Jacqueline “Jack” Sloane. Jack Slone is an NCIS senior special agent and operational psychologist with expertise in profiling. 

Following the exit of NCIS cast Jennifer Esposito, playing Agent Quinn in the series, she was replaced by Maria Bello as Agent Slone. And she was introduced during the series’ season 15. 

NCIS cast, Maria Bello

Sloane worked in Afghanistan, where her team was seized by the group of Massahun (Pej Vahdat). She became the terrorist prey, whipped her, and even let her choose which of her members would die first. The accounts of this encounter are presented to have a severe impact on Sloane, though it enabled her to relate to people experiencing the same pains. 

Agent Sloane proved herself as a crucial member of the organization and, without a doubt, triggered romance fiction among viewers between her and Agent Gibbs, considering the two delivered great connections. During season 18, she departed from the team and NCIS to settle down in Afghanistan to help people who needed her support and have the change of pace that she needed.

Diona Reasonover

Diona Reasonover was cast in the series for a recurring role as Kasie Hines in season 15. She was later promoted to be among the leading roles as she became the Forensic Scientist for the NCIS Major Case Response Team. 

Reasonover’s acting was, undoubtedly, as it should be; however, she considered the audition process of the series formidable, considering she received a knee surgery just two days before the scheduled audition.

Fortunately, she was allowed to postpone the tryout as she was still taking medications. And when she finally presented herself, she succeeded in getting the role even when on crutches. 

NCIS cast, Diona Reasonover

Hines first appeared on the series as Dr. Ducky’s graduate student, assisting him with his writings, and eventually, he learned that Kasie had expertise in forensic science. After Scutios departure from the NCIS team, Agent Gibbs signed Hines in to take over the position of Forensic Scientist, for the meantime, until he finds someone fitting for the role. 

In season 16, NCIS cast Reasonover moved up to a lead cast as her character, Kasi Hines, was promoted and became the Forensic Scientist of the NCIS team for good.

Lauren Holly

Lauren Michael Holly is an American-Canadian actress. She was cast as Jenny Shepard, the Director of the NCIS team from Season 3 to 5, and got to work again with her co-stars in Chicago Hope, Rocky Carroll, and Mark Harmon. 

Holly was initially expected to play the character of Kate Todd, though the role landed to Sasha Alexander. Then Holly’s name appeared again for the character of Director Jenny Shephard. According to the series executive producer, Chas.

Floyd Johnson, Lauren Holly was the odds-on-favorite since they liked to do something new for the series. The producers sought to have a female director to turn everything upside down – someone who could confront and catch the attention of Agent Gibbs. 

NCIS cast, Lauren Holly

Lauren Holly first appeared in NCIS in 2005. After the former NCIS Director Thomas Morrow declared that he was leaving the team to take a new role at the Department of Homeland Security, he later told Agent Gibbs that Jenny would assume the responsibility as their Director. Holly portrayed Director Jenny Shepard for three seasons up until her unfortunate death in season 5. She was killed off while in the field, dying from several gunshots.

NCIS Cast Joe Spano

In the NCIS series, Joseph Peter Spano or most known as Joe Spano played FBI Special Agent Tobias C. Fornell. Agent Fornell is the equivalent of NCIS Special Agent Gibbs. Joe Spano is not a series regular, though he’s a staple member of the series. 

NCIS cast, Joe Spano

FBI Agent Fornell would cooperate with the NCIS team when they shared jurisdiction in a criminal case. The two often acted like they were ferociously mad at one another before their agents, while, outside of work, they are acquainted.

Further showing his standing on the series, Fornell was included in Gibbs’ background history by marrying Gibbs’ former wife, connecting their personal and professional lives, and proving their equality of rank. 

In Season 15, Fornell was no anymore associated with the FBI and began working as a private investigator after a case regarding Gabriel Hicks.

NCIS Cast Sasha Alexander

Suzana Drobnjakovic, most famous by her pseudonym Sasha Alexander, is an American actress and TV director. She portrayed the character of Caitlin Todd, an NCIS Special Agent, in the first two seasons of NCIS. 

Alexander’s character was written and made to take the place of Vivian Blackadder (played by Robyn Lively), who the producers believed was a little gentle for the role. CBS President Les Moonves invited Alexander to work with the show as she was just done working with other CBS series. 

NCIS cast, Sasha Alexander

Caitlin Todd is a former Secret Service Agent. After resigning, she was hired by Agent Gibbs as she competently helped him close a murder case, appointed her to his team, and began working with Agent Anthony DiNozzo. She immediately became a valuable asset to the team while writing psychological profiles on the perpetrator being probed with her profiling expertise. 

In the finale of season 2, Todd was shot in the head by a terrorist, marking the departure of Alexander from the series. She was still seen in the first and second episodes of season 3 as a cameo appearance. Then she had recorded clips for the episode A Man Walks Into a Bar, season 8 of the series.

Duane Henry

The charismatic M16 Intelligence Agent, Clayton Reeves, was portrayed by the British actor Duane Henry

According to the NCIS showrunner, Gary Glasberg, they saw something quite exceptional in Duane Henry as they cast him for the show. Glasberg added that the actor’s peculiar appeal, spirit, and robust sensuality would be an excellent addition to the group. 

NCIS cast, Duane Henry

Duane debuted in the show at the last two episodes of season 13 as an M16 agent, Clayton Reeves, who first met the NCIS team operating abroad with DiNozzo. He was only a guest role until in season 14; it was revealed that Duane would be a series regular after his character became a member of the NCIS team.

In Season 14, NCIS cast Reeves overthrew his low status to become a notable government operative as the NCIS Liaison Officer. While he was officially connected to the NCIS International Desk, he often helped the NCIS Major Case Response Team. 

Duane acted roughly two years in the show until Reeves was killed in Season 15 when two bullet shots penetrated his chest to protect Abby Sciuto.

Jennifer Esposito

Jennifer Esposito is an American actress and author who joined the NCIS cast in season 14 as Special Agent Alexandra “Alex” Quinn. Quinn is an elite agent who resigned from her profession as a field agent after her partner met an awful demise in a mission.

After quitting, she started working at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center as an instructor, then Gibbs persuaded her to return to her original game. He needed the keen sense, sharp mind, and tremendous skills of Quinn as a federal agent. 

NCIS cast, Jennifer Esposito

NCIS executive producer was highly delighted after Jennifer Esposito joined the cast during season 14. According to Gary Glasberg, the actress depicts all the things they wanted in Quinn’s persona. 

However, NCIS cast Esposito would only be in the series for season 14. Contrary to most main casts who left the show, her character was not killed as her departure moment. Agent Alexandra Quinn left the NCIS team permanently to look after her mother, who has Alzheimer’s disease.

Muse Watson

Muse Watson played the character of the NIS/NCIS Supervisory Special Agent, Michael Franks, who is also the mentor of the NCIS Major Case Response Team. 

Michael Franks first appeared on the series season 3 in a recurring role as Agent Gibbs’s former chief and leader, becoming on friendly terms when the two worked with the Navy during the Vietnam War. Franks retired from MCRT and gave the position to Gibbs. 

NCIS cast, Muse Watson

In season 8, Franks had met his death when he tried to arrest Jonas Cobb, the “Port-to-Port Killer.” Cobb stabbed Franks resulting in his demise.

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