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NCIS Los Angeles Cast

NCIS Los Angeles Cast

NCIS Los Angeles is the first spin-off of the American police procedural TV series NCIS, which integrates the dynamics of the crime and military drama contents. It premiered in September 2009. 

It is a series about the critical universe of a cast of NCIS responsible for detaining high-risk and fugitive criminals who jeopardize the national defense. By taking on false identities and using the latest technology, this team of well experienced operatives works in an undercover operation, risking their lives in the field to subdue their targets.

NCIS: Los Angeles Cast

Chris O’Donnell

Christopher Eugene O’Donnell, popularly known as Chris O’Donnell, plays the character of NCIS Special Agent G. Callen, commanding the Office Of Special Projects. He was first introduced in the 6th episode of NCIS. 

Several actors were taken into consideration to play the Special Agent, and one of them is the late Paul Walker, as per IMDb. Walker was in talks for the role, though he has other leading roles in the making and perhaps would conflict with the schedule. In the end, O’Donnell got the part in 2009. 

NCIS Los Angeles Cast, Chris O’Donnell
Chris O’Donnell

Agent Callen previously worked with his comrade Agent Gibbs, stationed in Washington DC, NCIS Headquarters. Callen gets the knack of being in an undercover mission. He is someone who can metamorphose whenever needed to get into organized crime. His team recognized him as the leader of the unit. And being the leader of the team and a member of an NCIS Special agent, he is a very competent operative whose skills make him a vital fellow to OSP and NCIS. 

Apart from acting as a series regular, O’Donnell likewise embarked on being the show’s director and first directed the series’ season 4 episode 17, titled ‘Wanted.’

Daniela Ruah

Daniela Ruah (full name: Daniela Sofia Korn Ruah) is an American-Portuguese actress and director who plays the character of Kensi Blye. Kensi Blye is an NCIS field agent working at OSP  in Los Angeles. 

Kensi was supposed to be an Asian-American agent and would go by Kensi-Lo, who has excellent documents in Criminology and Forensics that made her get into the Feds. However, a certain revamp was needed when Daniel Ruah, a Portuguese actress, landed the role. 

NCIS Los Angeles Cast, Daniela Ruah
Daniela Ruah

According to the actress, the persona of Blye convinced her to go to the audition for the role. Even though Ruah got the part, she narrated that her first audition was not as great as you can imagine – in fact, it went south, and she won’t remember her lines. Then she received another invitation for another phase of her audition in L.A, where she needed to act in front of the show’s executive producer, casting director, and a resident director. It was nerve-racking, but we can also see that her efforts paid off. 

Kensi Blye was first seen in the NCIS Season 6 episode. In season 1 of NCIS: L.A, her original partner was Agent Dominic Vail until he went missing and was eventually killed while on the field. She was then partnered with Marty Deeks starting season 2. And after some years, the two felt something toward each other, then tied the knot in season 10. i.e., in 2012.

LL Cool J

LL Cool J is a known music icon who also found success in the field of acting. In the NCIS series, he portrayed the role of NCIS Senior Special Agent Sam Hannah. He is the right-hand man of the team and Agent Callen’s partner. 

Hannah is a member of an elite group of detectives, specialize in clearing up the military’s most intricate and complex cases, varying from advanced securities theft to all-out terrorist attacks. He works in an action-packed domain, yet Hanna still manages to kid around and poke fun at Callen. And while he’s the tough cookie of the organization, his resilience hides a considerate, persuasive, and irresistibly likable man. 

NCIS Los Angeles Cast, LL Cool J
LL Cool J

In an interview with Harry Smith, LL Cool J admitted that it was his personal choice to participate in the NCIS: Los Angeles series. The singer-turned-actor added that he was aspiring to have a bit of change in his line of work – he truly longed for acting with regularity. And that he had to take new endeavors and enable himself to do better than average. That’s why he chose to devote himself to this series and trust what he believed was an exceptional team.

Barrett Foa

Actor Barrett Foa has portrayed the character of the technology expert Eric Bartholomew Beale III or Eric Beale on the crime drama since its pilot episode. Eric Beale is an NCIS senior technical operator situated in LA, working alongside the OSP team. He usually speaks with the NCIS Director, Leon Vance, at Washington and works side by side with the intelligence analyst, Nell Jones. 

ncis la cast, Barrett Foa
Barrett Foa

He sometimes appears in some scenes to lend a hand to his friends; however, he is typically a distinct unit compared to other NCIS fellows. He is the primary link between the Office of the Special Projects HQ and agents on-duty, usually maneuvering surveillance cameras and gaining access to systems and satellites to get a lift for the agents. 

In season 12, it was announced that Beale had left the NCIS to continue his project on technology he was designing during the earlier season. He also started his own company, which earned him lots of money by selling some of his software packages to the federal. And during the season finale, he and Nell relocated to Japan to start a new program for his business.

Linda Hunt

Actress Lydia Susanna “Linda” Hunt portrays one of the main cast in the show and has a pivotal position as the team’s reputable matriarch. Hunt became a cast member on NCIS portraying the character of Henrietta “Hetty” Lange since the first episode.

Hunt had partially withdrawn from acting around the time when NCIS: Los Angeles was drafted. According to the award-winning actress, she was content in her life and not after something. As she lives along, landing a role in a famous spin-off was like a blessing – it was like the Above gave her something that she would treasure and bring up to his 70s years. 

NCIS Los Angeles Cast, Linda Hunt
Linda Hunt

Her character Hetty Lange is the brazen Operations Manager of the NCIS: LA team. She is a veteran that possesses countless experiences as a secret operative, and all agents think highly of and idolize her. 

She supervises the Backroom Support Personnel and OSP unit while on the field, giving them a broad range of assistance, extending from micro-surveillance cameras to automobiles to different states. In some cases, Lange showed her motherly intuition in her agents, that when her agents were at significant risk, she took advantage of her connection to the higher-ups and made a great effort to rescue them. Through the whole show, she is made known to have accommodated and fostered several parentless kids, like Callen, training them to become elite agents for the federal.

Eric Christian Olsen

NCIS investigator and a fellow OSP, Marty Deeks, is played by Eric Christian Olsen. Marty Deeks worked previously with LAPD as their liaison. 

Olsen stated that he went for the series’ audition, except that he didn’t match the description, considering the audition was for a character named Victor Cruz, a Los Angele Latino patrol officer. Then he changed the scene given to befit him, and he ad-libbed in the room. And production handed him the role of Deeks for a few episodes to check if he clicks. 

NCIS Los Angeles Cast, Eric Christian Olsen
Eric Christian Olsen

Olsen was cast on the series in a recurring role as an LAPD detective and merely appeared in two episodes of the pilot season. Then in season 2, he became a series regular and a leading cast when he accepted the position at the NCIS OSP team as their liaison officer. He became the partner of Kensi Blye after Agent Dominic Vail, her former partner, was killed on the field. Then Blye became Deek’s love interest. 

Besides acting, Olsen had also taken part in writing an episode for the series. He was the credited writer for episode 10 on the series’ 11th season, entitled ‘Mother.’ He also revealed that he had a total of 15 episodes in his mind back in 2019 and was solely waiting for the moment to have them selected by the producers. And in the current season 13, he has been given another chance to showcase his skills and is now writing the 19th episode.

Renee Felice Smith

Renée Felice Smith is an American actress who played the role of Penelope “Nell” Jones in the series. Nell Jones is an NCIS Intelligence Analyst stationed in Los Angeles. 

Initially, she was cast in a supporting role and appeared during its 2nd season. However, she blended perfectly with her co-actors, and her persona, Nell Jones, was somewhat overpowering that she was promoted to series regular during season 2, episode 11. 

NCIS Los Angeles Cast, Renee Felice Smith
Renee Felice Smith

While Nell helped the OSP team with her analytical skills, she also underwent training to work as a field operative and help the team throughout their missions. She was equally untroubled working on-field as working while in the base and was assumed by most of the members that Lange was refining her as her successor. Among the NCIS team, Nell presumably owned a genius IQ score. She was Eric Beale’s partner, and eventually, the two got into a relationship as the series progressed.

In the last episode of season 12, Nell Jones decided not to accept the position as Hetty’s replacement as the team’s Operations Manager and chose to accompany Beale on his journey to Japan as he expands his business.

Miguel Ferrer

Miguel José Ferrer initially joined the shows in a recurring character as the NCIS team Assistant Director and immediate superior of Hetty Lange, Owen Granger. Then he has eventually been one of the main cast in season 5. 

Owen Granger was the team’s connection to the NCIS Headquarters, and even though he was usually seen clashing with his juniors, he certainly had a strong desire to protect them. He had countless years of expertise as a field agent on several dangerous operations, and later, he became the director. And differently from other administrators, he was willing to work together with the unit in the field. 

NCIS Los Angeles Cast, Miguel Ferrer
Miguel Ferrer

On January 19, 2017, Miguel Ferrer left his loved ones due to throat cancer. And the writer has penned the departure of Owen Granger from the series, suiting the outlandish character. In season eight, Granger was stabbed and was admitted to a hospital due to his life-threatening condition.

However, when he noticed nobody was in the room, he removed his IV drip, slipped out from the emergency room, and reportedly went missing. Then, in season 9, episode 15, Granger was revealed to have perished; he spent his last moment with his daughter, atoning to his negligence as a father.

Medalion Rahimi

Medalion Rahimi is an American actress of Iranian origin who portrays NCIS Special Agent Fatima Namazi. Namazi is part of the Office of the Special Projects team, situated in L.A. 

When Rahimi was beginning her work in the entertainment business, she tried auditioning for Muslim roles several times. However, the majority of the settings didn’t fill the bill since the writers represented the religion in a disapproving condition, such as working as moles, terrorists, or psychopathic individuals. So when Rahimi studied for her role in NCIS: Los Angeles, she was pleased to learn that her character was a person on the better side, enabling Muslims to represent themselves without any scheme colliding with it. 

In the beginning, Namazi was a rookie who had ambitions of serving in the NCIS Headquarters in Washington DC, though she soon made up her mind and decided to stay in Los Angeles and has become a fixed fellow of the OSP team. 

ncis los angeles medalion rahimi
Medalion Rahimi

Namazi was only a recurring character in Season 10. She assisted the team tracked a terrorist group behind the attack at a cinema during the hostilities in Los Angeles. From then on, Namazi became a series regular in season 11, appearing regularly. She is a skilled hacker and a competent fighter – aiding the team in missions from either outside the base or within the facility.

Peter Cambor

Peter Cambor is an American actor, producer, and writer who plays the character of Nate Getz, an Operational Psychologist formerly working with OSP and a season regular in the pilot season of the show. He watches camera videos and observes/conducts interrogations to formulate a psychological analysis. He’s likewise in charge of administering the random mental assessment on the NCIS OSP team to check their psychological health in the process.

Getz has a sweet bond with Hetty Lange, who he honors remarkably and is cautious of going against. However, the whole experience of his being in collaboration with the OSP team, he became more engrossed in the chance of turning into a field operative. 

NCIS Los Angeles Cast, Peter Cambor
Peter Cambor

After that, he underwent training in both close-range fighting and fieldcraft, was selected for a deep-cover assignment, and finally became a legitimate field operative. 

In Season 2, Getz received a classified mission in Yemen where he checked over an Islamic militant faction. Favorably, this is almost simultaneously when Peter Cambor bowed out as a regular cast and was reduced alternatively to a recurring guest role. In Cambor’s succeeding cameos, he was attributed as a Special Guest Star.

Nia Long

Nia Talita Long is Shay Lynn Mosley in the NCIS spin-off, NCIS: Los Angeles series. Mosley is the NCIS Executive Assistant Director, Pacific Operations, replacing Assistant Director Owen Granger. She was designated to supervise the Los Angeles Office of Special Projects (OSP) team. 

In season nine, Hetty Lange suddenly resigned from her position as the Operations Manager of the NCIS OSP team. As well as the passing of Owen Granger, there was a hole in authority on the task force. This prompted a new person to be transferred to their station by Director Leon Vance. Then Shay Mosley was introduced to the series, though it wasn’t long before the NCIS team doubted several of her choices. 

NCIS Los Angeles Cast, Nia Long
Nia Long

She commanded the task force to help locate Derrick, her son, and Spencer William, her ex-lover. Mosley likewise dismissed Marty Deek at a particular occasion and even betrayed G. Callen. 

Fortunately, Mosley and the team were able to pinpoint the location and reconcile with her son. This is a positive outcome for the dubious leader, who left the NCIS in Season 10 after she went far enough with Mexican drug cartels. She took and accepted all the blame for everything, vacated her position, escaped with her son, and was never seen again.

Caleb Castille

Former Alabama football, Caleb Castille, plays as FBI Agent Devin Rountree in NCIS: Los Angeles. Castille first appeared in season 11 and was seen only for three episodes. Though in its 12th season, he has eventually been one of the leading cast. 

Castille’s engagement in the series’ 11th season resulted following the executive producer Kyle Harimoto entrusted the two casting directors, Jason Kennedy and Susan Bluestein, to cast a young actor. Then they noticed some of Castille’s movies, and they knew that he was the actor who would give justice to the character of FBI Agent Devin Rountree. 

NCIS Los Angeles Cast Caleb Castille
Caleb Castille

Devin Roundtree was introduced in the 17th episode of season 11 as an undercover FBI Agent who collided with the Office of Special Projects task force; at the same time, he learned that many of his comrades had become treacherous. 

He was thinking of a role with the power elites at NCIS after being regarded by Hannah and Callen. Subsequently, he accepted Hanna’s proposal to have a go for a post in the organization. After his FLETC training and working a couple of missions, Roundtree joined the task force in season 12.

Bar Paly

Bar Paly is an Israeli-American actress who plays the recurring character of Anastasia “Anna” Kolcheck. Anna was first seen in the 21st episode of season 6, although her appearance was uncredited. Paly’s first credited feature was in the 15th episode of season 7. 

Anna Kolcheck is the alienated daughter of Arkady Kolcheck (Vyto Ruginis). She was a former homicide detective at the Chicago Police Department. Upon resigning from the team, she started working in a big business, practicing exclusively in profit kidnapping, lookout, defense, and serving primarily for Russian corporate interest.

Bar Paly NCIS Los Angeles
Bar Paly

She was abducted in Moscow by some of her father’s opponents. Before long, she was rescued and responded in kind by becoming a member of the OSP Team. She also attempted to join the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms; at that period, she lent a hand to the force in some cases. 

Anna Kolcheck took over NCIS missions while Blye was recuperating due to a helicopter crash. When Blye was back in action, Anna and Callen started dating. 

Vyto Ruginis

Vyto Ruginis is an English actor and producer portraying the role of Arkady Kolcheck. Arkady is the father of Anna Kolcheck. He is also a good friend of Agent Callen; although Callen refuses the thought, he has revealed having conflicted emotions regarding him. He is among the lone survivors of the Cold War, along with Hetty Lange. 

At a later point, he enlisted in and was a member of the KGB until Operation Cossack, in which Callen was a part of, alongside CIA officer and frontman Ethan Stanhope, and DEA partner Ricky Taylor, contra the Russian mob that was trying to exploit the movement of oil from the Black Sea into Europe. 

NCIS Los Angeles Cast, Vyto Ruginis
Vyto Ruginis

Shortly after, Arkady resigned from the KGB and presently operates a private sector located in Los Angeles. He has property in Paris, L.A., and New York City. He also works primarily as a secret source for Callen and usually lends a hand in investigations involving Russia.

Andrea Bordeaux

Andrea Bordeaux is an American actress and model who achieved a milestone when she was cast in NCIS: Los Angeles series as Harley Hidoko in its 9th season. Hidoko was the Executive Assistant to the EAD-PAC, and an NCIS Special Agent appointed to the OSP at the start of season 9. 

She became a part of NCIS after working with a Marine Female Engagement Team in Afghanistan and following closely when EAD-PAC Shay Mosley led the team. The thirty-four-year-old model immediately became a pivotal member of the unit, performing a crucial part in solving a few unusually complicated and high-risk cases. She is very devoted to Mosley; however, she has formed bonds with the personnel of the OSP, which has resulted in, occasionally, breaking the protocols when most of the unit does.

NCIS Los Angeles Cast, Andrea Bordeaux
Andrea Bordeaux

In the episode finale of season 9, during the unofficial operation of rescuing Mosley’s son, Hidoko had disappeared. It was divulged that she was abducted and tortured by the syndicate working with Mosley’s ex-partner. The team went looking for her, but when they arrived at the whereabouts, Hanna and Callen saw a pile of burnt human corpses, and the shard of bones went through DNA analysis, proving they were of Hidoko. 

Harley Hidoko’s burial was shown in the first episode of season 10.

Erik Palladino

Vostanik Sabatino is an Officer with the CIA played by Erik Palladino. He cooperated with the NCIS ‘ Office of Special Projects task force during the cases involving Jack Simon and Isaac Sidorov. 

Vostanik Sabatino was first introduced in the series as an undercover CIA, disguising as Roger McAdams in season 3, episode 17. During season 4, his real identity was known while he visited Michelle Hanna (wife of Sam Hanna, played by Aunjanue Ellis), who is also a CIA agent. He went with Blye’s Afghanistan force on a rescue mission. At first, Blye thinks of him as her accused due to his behavior; however, she eventually recognizes that Sabatino is an experienced agent and, in the future, will be extremely valuable to her and the team. 

NCIS Los Angeles Cast, Erik Palladino
Erik Palladino

Then during its 8th season, it is unveiled that Sabatino is operating as a member of a rogue CIA team trying to destroy the NCIS force. But he sought to make amends by releasing Michael Zhrov from the cell so Sam Hannah could interrogate him regarding the whereabouts of Michelle, who was abducted.

Gerald McRaney

Veteran actor Gerald Lee McRaney plays the character of retired U.S. Navy Admiral Hollis Kilbride. He was first seen in season 6, episode 4, and acted as a recurring guest star. But he became among the main cast during the series season 13. His move up supersedes old main characters Renée Felice Smith and Barrett Foa leaving the series. 

Hollis Kilbride is an old colleague of Hetty Lange. He did all he could to guarantee her safety by taking her to Washington, D.C., through Leon Vance.

NCIS Los Angeles Cast, Gerald McRaney
Gerald McRaney

Kilbride typically gives pointers to the OSP unit on their cases. After Hetty’s leave of absence, he was delegated by Director Vance to command the NCIS Los Angeles office. Following the unsanctioned rescue Mexico Mission of Mosley’s son, he was transferred to L.A. to disband the OSP faction due to its dishonor. But, since he saw the value of the team, he didn’t allow them to terminate. And instead, he questioned them if they could remain even without their operations manager.

Adam Jamal Craig

Adam Jamal Craig acted as one of the NCIS Special Agents and a member of the Office of Special Projects team, Dominic “Dom” Vail. Dom was first seen in the pilot season of the series, where it was reported that he merely joined the task force when Agent Callen came back to the faction that week.

He eventually worked alongside Kensi Blye. And since he was the rookie of the team, he was regarded as their younger brother by the other agents. The L.A base was shattered when he was shot to death when he was being rescued. 

NCIS Los Angeles Cast, Adam Jamal Craig
Adam Jamal Craig

It happened when Dom appeared missing all of a sudden – then it was divulged that he had been seized by skilled hostage-takers working for the Islamic terrorists and kept prisoned to announce a captive exchange. While Hannah, Blye, and Callen soon located him, they had been engaged in a fierce shootout with the militants. And Dom ended up risking his life by saving Sam as he took three shots, fell to the ground, and suffered critical injuries; then eventually met his death.

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