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Necar Zadegan Husband, Age, Net Worth, Measurement

Necar Zadegan Husband, Age, and Net Worth

Although short-lived in appearances for television shows, Necar Zadegan managed to get everyone’s attention in one episode for most of her performances. She has built a prolific and extensive resume on her acting career; starring as both Iranian and American characters, she excelled at both.

But have we ever really known who Necar Zadegan is? Well, let’s find out her details like husband, age, net worth, and body measurements.

Necar Zadegan NCIS Cast as Agent Hannah Koury

You’ve probably seen the charming face of Necar Zadegan in multiple television shows. You’ve also seen what she can offer to the table of the entertainment industry; finesse, brilliance, and a lot of talent.

Necar Zadegan plays the role of Hannah Koury on NCIS
Necar Zadegan plays the role of Hannah Koury on NCIS

Necar Zadegan took the talent and skills she had in her and brought it to her new role as Special Agent Hannah Koury in the police-crime hit series NCIS: New Orleans in 2018. Since then, she has brought life to her character, Hannah Koury, in the show and is doing an extraordinary job of portraying her.

Age and Early Life

Necar Zadegan had only an episode to guest-star her role, but she did it in a memorable manner that would leave a lasting impression on her acting career. But, before that, we all have to start somewhere. Necar Zadegan also did.

Necar’s parents gave birth to her in West Germany on June 20, 1982. The American actress is recently 39 years of age. Both of her parents are Iranian, and even though she was born in Germany, Necar is of Iranian descent. Information about Nectar’s parents? Unfortunately, she hasn’t disclosed any information about her parents or relatives, except for her sister, which she publicly showed on her Instagram account on her birthday.

Nectar’s parents moved to California after giving birth to her to start a more comfortable and stable life. There, she finished high school at Moreau Catholic Highschool, Hayward. After her high school graduation, Necar took the first step towards her dream. She enlisted in the University of California as her college, and with beauty and brains combined, she graduated with a degree in Literature.


At the very young age of 16, Necar found what she wanted to do in her life, and it all started at a job at a festival in Scotland. She was working for the festival’s theatre, and it was what sparked interest in Necar’s eyes. The more she worked in the theatre, the better her passion and skills in acting were built. This became the door to her popularity and future success in acting.

In 2009, Necar entered her first to-be Broadway play, Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, by Rajiv Joseph, where Necar plays as ‘The Leper’ in the show alongside the late and great Robin Williams. The film gained positive reviews that led to its Broadway adaptation in 2011.

NCIS star’s first debut in the entertainment industry was in show 24, portraying First Lady and then President Dalia Hassan. This role was the breakthrough point of Necar as 24 was one of the largest watched shows back in the day, with a popular broadcaster, Fox Network. It was the only push Necar needed to capture fans’ attention and give her the title of ‘Breakout Star of the Season. Twenty episodes, one show; indeed, a feat in Necar’s acting career.

Sooner or later, Necar’s talent brought her the roles and characters she needed to boost her acting career. She’s worked with popular television brands such as Fox TV and NBC. She also landed roles in shows like The Event, Emily Owens, M.D, and Rake. Even further, she portrayed Delia Banai in a previously acclaimed TV show called Girlfriends Guide to Divorce. Her performance was so excellent that she stayed in the show for five seasons, including the finale. How’s that for charm and beauty?

Hannah Koury of NCIS’s career kept growing, landing her roles in popular television shows nowadays such as American sitcom How I Met Your Mother, CSI, Extant, and last but not least, her portrayal of Special Agent Hannah Koury in NCIS: New Orleans.

Is Necar Zadegan Married to Husband?

There is a lot of mystery surrounding Necar and her married life as she keeps her private details to herself. When it comes to her sexual orientation, many people have speculated that she might be a lesbian due to her stellar performance in Elena Undone that had a couple of intimate female scenes. However, Necar hasn’t publicly announced it yet whether or not she’s a lesbian, leaving people in the air of curiosity.

Necar Zadegan with her Ex-Boyfriend, Gadi Erel

As for her fiance, Necar is currently single as of 2021, but previously, she had a relationship with Gadi Erel a decade ago. However, no additional information was given by sources or herself other than she stopped seeing Gadi for a long time now.

Net worth

Necar Zadegan’s talent in acting has given her the success and satisfaction of pursuing her passion. But that doesn’t come only with pleasure but also with monetary. As of 2021, Necar’s career in films and television has given her a total net worth of $1,000,000 – 5,000,000.00.


Necar Zadegan’s measurements are:

Age: 39 years old

Height: 5 feet and 9 inches

Weight: 60 kgs

Necar Zadegan Height and measurements
NCIS cast, Necar Zadegan

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