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Shalita Grant Wife Sabrina Skau Net Worth, Age, Why did She Leave NCIS?

Reasons behind Shalita Grant leaving NCIS and facts about her wife age

The 33-year-old American actress Shalita Grant has brought her name to prominence due to her talents. She is best known for her various appearances on-screen, including the recent third season of the Netflix thriller series “You” as Sherry. Before leading to this role, she became part of the American police procedural television series NCIS: New Orleans, portraying the character of Special Agent Sonja Percy.

Now, let’s dig into Shalita’s personal life and know her partner Sabrina Skau. Also, her net worth and age are revealed here. Find out the reason for leaving NCIS.

Shalita Grant as Sonja Percy in NCIS New Orleans.

Shalita, as Sonja Percy, worked as an agent for the Tobacco, ATF-Alcohol, and Firearms. After leaving this career, she became a Special Agent for three years at the NCIS: New Orleans Office headed by Dwayne Cassis Pride, the NCIS Special Agent. Then she resigned for the second time to be part of the FBI Special Agent.

Shalita Grant as Sonja Percy in NCIS New Orleans
Shalita Grant played the role of Sonja Percy in NCIS New Orleans.

Sonja of NCIS made her film debut in the American series in the season 1 episode “More Now.” During her appearance in the show, she also met for the first time the people whom she never expected to see at the Fourth Street Clinic- Special Agent Meredith Brody and Christopher LaSalle.

Why did Shalita Grant Leave NCIS New Orleans?

Despite her rising reputation in acting, the actress still decided to leave the show. During her appearance in the Tamron Hall last Monday, Shalita revealed the actual reason why she wants to exit the CBS drama NCIS: New Orleans. According to her, she was treated way too differently than her co-stars. Grant shared that the hairstylist on the show said her natural hair was typically damaged.

 “I had started documenting some of the physical damage that was going on — it’s harder to document the emotional damage.”

Shalita firmly believes that the cause of her hair damage was due to the wigs that the production compelled her to wear. It was reported that the tension during the set was also because she is hard to work with, but the actress refutes this accusation. Given this, she decided to save herself by leaving the show.

Shalita Grant Net Worth

The long years of persevering in the limelight, the efforts, and the hard work invested in the entertainment industry have all been paid off when she earned not only the people’s support but also a handsome worth of money. According to Net Worth Post, Shalita Grant has a net worth that ranges to $ 15 Million

Shalita Grant Wife Sabrina Skau.

Away from her showbiz life, Shalita Grant is blessed to meet her confidant, Sabrina Skau. The couple met last October 2016 through a dating site. After a year in a dating stage, Sabrina asked the young lady’s hand for marriage on Christmas Eve, and without a doubt, Shalita gave her big YES.

Shalit Grant in wedding dress with her wife, Sabrina Skau
Sabrina Skau weds Shalit Grant

On August 8, 2018, Shalita and her wife, Sabrina tied the knot at San Francisco’s City Hall. Currently, the couple lives in Los Angeles, CA. Like many people who flaunt their babies on Instagram posts, Sabrina and Shalita also did the same way, but, unlike the population, they are proud of being fur parents to their only dog.

Sabrina Skau’s Net Worth, Age, Bio.

The American citizen Sabrina Skau was born on October 30, 1988. She is 33 years of age. The famed actress was born and raised following the Christian faith.

Throughout her existence, she has invested her hard work and efforts since 2018 as an Ethnographer and Video editor at Ipsos. But before leading to this job, Sabrina worked at Fathappy Media LLC as a Video Producer.

However, when she worked at Sandwich Video and was assigned to various positions for four years, Sabrina’s professional career rose to popularity and success. During her years of service, she edited different short videos and commercials, which honed her skills in filmmaking even more.

Sabrina Skau, Wife of Shalita Grant
NCIS star, Shalita Grant’s partner, Sabrina Skau

And now, Shalita’s wife is already making her talent show up in the bigger world of Hollywood. She made her name known as a Film producer, Cinematographer, and a great director. She earned many awards with her keen perseverance, including the New Filmmakers Los Angeles Best of 2014.

Apart from the priceless accolades, Sabrina also earned a handsome worth of cash. According to the Net Worth Post, the multi-talented Sabrina Skau has a net worth of approximately $ 1.7 Million.

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