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Home » Shanley Caswell Age, Net worth, Husband/Boyfriend, Wiki, Biography

Shanley Caswell Age, Net worth, Husband/Boyfriend, Wiki, Biography

Shanley Caswell Age, net worth, husband/boyfriend, wiki, biography

Like any other well-deserving artist, American actress Shanley Caswell also started from the bottom and worked hard to where she is right now. From aspiring to be a model and now an actress, Shanley Caswell has come far from her hometown. Is she married or dating a boyfriend? Find out.

Let’s look further at what has progressed in Shanley Caswell’s career as a renowned American actress. Also, please get to know his age, net worth, and relationship status in his wiki-biography here.7

Shanley Caswell Age

On December 3, 1991, Shanley Caswell was born, which makes her 30 years of age. She was born in the city of Sarasota, Florida. Unfortunately, we only have information on her mother’s name, Patricia Caswell; our sources provided no additional details regarding Shanley’s family background.

When it comes to Shanley’s education, she was already set on becoming an actress early in her childhood. During high school, Shanley already immersed herself in theatrical plays. Later on, she was involved in a teen-community troupe called Teen Source, which focused on delivering messages about social issues through theatre.

Wiki – Biography

Caswell studied at the University of California, where she enrolled with a Bachelor of Anthropology. In the year 2007, she decided that she would go to Los Angeles to advance her career in acting. After her studies, she started modeling to kickstart her career path as an actress.

NCIS cast, Shanley Caswell
Shanley Caswell

And so it happened. Shanley Caswell made her first debut in films in 2009, in the movie Mending Fences, from broadcaster Hallmark Channel. Again in the year 2011, she became one of the lead roles in a horror movie called Detention. She continued her horror film appearance, this time on a popular horror movie series called The Conjuring(2013), as a supporting role.

Since then, Shanley kept landing role after role in popular television series shows such as CSI: NY, Bones, iCarly, The Middle, NCIS: N.O., and E! A True Hollywood Story. She has yet to gain recognition in her roles in the mentioned shows, but we’re confident that she will get them sooner or later in her career.

Shanley Caswell Net Worth 

Shanley Caswell’s life as an actress has been gratifying for her. She’s able to earn money, fame, reputation and do what she likes. Through Shanley’s participation in various roles in films and televisions, she made a net worth that is expected to be around $1,000,000.00 – 10,000,00.00. All these she made out from her acting career. Even with how wealthy she is, Shanley chooses to live a humble and modest life.

Does she have a Husband or dating a Boyfriend?

Shanley only had one relationship with her former boyfriend in her life so far; Anthony Gurry, a football player, in 2015. Shanley and her boyfriend were having fun and were happy together for quite a while; until they broke up due to personal problems. We hope she will soon meet her future husband.

Shanley Caswell with her ex-boyfriend, Anthony Gurry
Shanley Caswell with her ex-boyfriend, Anthony Gurry

Ever since then, Shanley has been single and focuses on her friends and, most significantly, her career.

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